Embodying the D.I.Y. approach, Cody Robinson is an independent musician hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Never one for convention Cody follows his muse wherever it may lead; he has spent time living and recording in such disparate places as New York City and Kathmandu, Nepal, rocking side gigs ranging from infant daycare to chocolatier to humanitarian relief.  Originally from Monterey, California, Cody is currently a student at the University of Utah where he pursues a B.U.S. in Music Business & Technology (a degree he personally developed to become a better musical entrepreneur).

Cody began miming music long before he ever learned to play it: as a toddler, he would strum along to the music of live Peruvian flute bands on a mute plastic guitar. He had his first piano lesson at age 7, but by 12 he'd successfully begged his parents to let him quit recitals so he could spend more time writing music of his own. Piano led to voice, then guitar, drums, trumpet, keyboards and organs, mouth harps and harmonicas, and just about anything else he could get his hands on, all while composing his own music at a furious pace. 

Those early creative years culminated in a full-fledged album during his junior year of high school. That fall Cody recorded My Side, an indie pop record of 11 original songs, in Salt Lake City with Clover frontman-turned-producer Jamen Brooks. The lead single from this record, “Lose Control,” won him 5th place in the nationwide Sennheiser: My Song songwriting contest.

Cody's unique sound incorporates elements of many styles of musical genius, from Beethoven to Tool, and John Lee Hooker to The Beatles. After his melodic teenaged debut, Cody shifted to a simpler, more stripped-down sound: "folk blues with a psychedelic hue,” as he describes it (think classic Everly Brothers songwriting meets Nirvana unplugged).

Cody has performed at such diverse venues as Sullivan Hall in Greenwich Village, New York, 350 Main in Park City, Utah, and Wave Street Studios in Monterey, California. He has received numerous accolades for his work. As previously mentioned, Cody won 5th place in the nationwide Sennheiser: My Song contest with original song “Lose Control." In 2010 he was selected to perform his song “Until” for Brigham Young University’s Annual Songwriter’s Showcase; his performance was recorded and later released on Tantara Records®.

After spending four months living in Nepal in late 2015, Cody wrote and recorded "Batti Ayo (Hey Nepal)," dedicated to the Nepali 2015 earthquake victims. Both The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah's At The U publication interviewed Cody after the accompanying music video for the song went viral in the Nepal twitter-sphere. Cody’s music has also appeared on various radio and television outlets, including KPCW (Utah), KSPB (California), Park City TV, Monterey County’s The Sho Fo Show, and Fox 13 News. 

In between his college classes, Cody is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming record, an acoustic-guitar-driven existentialist concept album that blends folk, blues, pop, and psychedelia. He also contributes to the online edition of Guitar Coach Magazine.